Using cannabis to sleep better

I have always struggled with sleep, even as a young woman.

Now that I am older, sleep is even more difficult for me.

The issue is my mind just keeps whirling and whirling. I tried sleeping pills and it was awful. I felt sleepy and my body was exhausted, but it didn’t soothe my mind at all. I felt almost trapped in a coma-like state. It was horrible. I have eliminated blue light before bed, eaten kiwi, meditated, changed my sheets and pillow set and even have started exercising. All of this was in hope of sleeping better. The only thing that has really helped was relying on medical marijuana. Thankfully on the list of things you can get prescribed medical weed, sleep issues is one of them. The medical professional I saw wrote me a script right away. I vape cannabis oil right before bed. It does a good job and makes my mind more relaxed and quieter. If I don’t watch TV, read or stimulate my mind afterwards, I fall asleep pretty good. I also stay asleep longer than I used to. It still isn’t the magic cure. I have had friends tell me I need a stronger dose in order to sleep better. Through my research I have found that finding that right blend of THC and CBD is quite the artform. You need to be high, but not so high that it stimulates the mind. I am just glad that I have some sort of relief. I honestly would be high as a kite if it gave me a full night of rest.

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