Using our skills for dispensary consulting

My pals and I had a solid plan in high school, and believe it or not we stuck to it all through college.

  • At the time it seemed impossible, but we spent weeks planning out every detail of our dream to own and run a cannabis dispensary.

Mike became a botanist and joined the horticulture school, because we knew we would need someone to grow the products. Bob went to the building construction school, because we would need someone to build our dispensary. Jill became an accountant, so she could handle the books, and I went into business admin and marketing. After we opened, and quickly sold our first dispensary for a huge profit, we decided to get out of the sales business and get into business consulting for other dispensaries. With all of our combined skills and talents, we could teach young business owners the best practices for success with our dispensary consulting firm. We are still heavily involved in the weed industry, just in a different and in my opinion better way. As a dispensary consulting business, we take no risk on investment, we simply help people maximize their own investments, which to be frank is a lot less stress for me! Sales still matter, of course, because if our dispensary consulting firm doesn’t lead to increased sales on these sites, then bad word of mouth will hurt us. So far we are doing great, and our medical marijuana consulting service has helped a dozen different businesses across the state to increase their profits. I love my job!
Medical marijuana consulting service