Vape is easiest

When it comes to cannabis there are many ways you can take in the product.

You can take an edible form which means you consume it.

This gets you a faster, more intense high than when you smoke. There are topicals which apply directly to the flesh. There are a wide variety of things like concentrates, tinctures, flower plus oil forms. I sincerely appreciate vaping cannabis oil. I enjoy how simple plus straightforward it is. I carry a vape in my purse with the oil already preloaded. When I want to smoke, I press a button that burns the oil plus I inhale. It is that fast plus simple. I am not getting any bad chemicals because of how warm the oil is being burned! Vaping also does not create that awful smell that lingers around for people to notice. I can vape discreetly inside if I entirely want to. There is no smell getting on my clothing, hair or on my friends. I also enjoy that a vape is all I need. I don’t need anything to cut, rolling papers, loose leaf flower, a lighter, or grinder. I just carry 1 vape in my wallet plus I am ready to have fun. Everyone prefers to try a joint, bowl or pipe when it is brought out. My vape tends to discourage people a little more since it is more personalized. Since I am the 1 that bought the product, I entirely don’t want to share it. I don’t get how anyone would appreciate a different form over vaping an oil.


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