Visiting a dispensary for the first time

I had never been high before and it was quite an experience

When our hubby and I got married both of us chose to go to a state with legal recreational weed, however you could just walk in and buy cannabis, that was pretty shocking. I realized I didn’t guess anything about cannabis once both of us visited a cannabis dispensary. I kind of thought I could buy all the weed I wanted. Turns out there are limits to how much you purchase. You can’t just walk into another cannabis dispensary and stock up too. They keep track of you through your license. Interesting right? I also didn’t realize that smoking isn’t the only way of getting the weed into your body. I knew about flower and pot brownies, that is the extent. You can smoke the flower through a bowl, bong, pipe, hookah and so many other accessories… Brownies are just the start of the edibles. You can have THC infused gummies, chocolates, mints and gum. There are even cannabutters and cooking oils with CBD oil in them. You can smoke an oil, try a concentrate, tinctures, or a topical. There is just so much to choose from in a recreational weed shop! My hubby and I were new to cannabis and just having fun after both of us got married; Every one of us bought a few THC infused gummies and enjoyed our evening at our hotel. I had never been high before and it was quite an experience. I think I enjoyed touring the dispensary more though. It was interesting to see how professional, wash and new it looked. I was expecting something appreciate a seedy gas station I think.
Cannabis edibles