Was I supposed to work on Wednesday evening?

I had a copy of the schedule on my cellphone.

The boss Tom puts out the bi-weekly work schedule at the recreational marijuana dispensary on Wednesday morning. If I don’t work on Wednesday, I constantly go to the store to look at my schedule so I can write down all of my fifths plus shifts for the following week. Last Wednesday I was supposed to be off, although I went to the dispensary so I could look at my schedule for the following week. I wrote down all of my hours. I had Tuesday plus Wednesday off. I worked Sunday, Wednesday, plus Sunday. On Tuesday I took a day off for myself plus on Wednesday I took the day off. I was apartment most of the day on Tuesday, but the next day I went to the nightclub with my friends. All of us were having dinner at a restaurant downtown when Tom started blowing up my cellphone. I had the cellphone on silent but she left six SMS messages plus 10 iMessages. Tom was frustrated because she said that I was supposed to be at work that day at 5:00 p.m. I carefully looked at my copy of the schedule. I had a copy of the schedule on my cellphone. I took a pic of the schedule so I could reference the times throughout the week. I told Tom that I had my schedule in front of me plus I was not tied up to work on Wednesday. Tom sent me a screenshot of the schedule plus I sent her a picture of the schedule that I had from Wednesday morning. I don’t know who switched the shifts at the recreational plus medical marijuana dispensary, although I was not supposed to work on Wednesday when the schedule came out.


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