Way better way to have fun

Now that cannabis is okay, our social life has gotten so much more fun.

I don’t understand how anyone would consume alcohol rather than smoke or eat cannabis.

In my opinion, cannabis is safer, better and easier to take. With alcohol, you are taking in a lot of pointless calories. If you go to a club, the drinks cost so much money. When you drink, nobody looks good. Most drunks are loud, rude and get into trouble, then people fall down, get into fights and tend to get sick. The next afternoon you are out of commission when you drink… Hangovers are the worst, aren’t they? With cannabis, there is no worry about being sick the next afternoon. No thoughts of hurling or having a splitting headache. You can smoke all night long and the next afternoon it will be right as rain. Cannabis is also not as much money. You just buy what you want at the cannabis dispensary and then you have your stock for the celebration. You also have more chances. You can smoke through a bowl, bong, pre-rolled joint, hooked or vape oil. You don’t even have to do that either. The number of edibles are numerous. With cannabis you have the luxury of deciding if you want a slow burning high that lasts a long time, or 1 to come on quick and fast. You can decide to be mellow or energetic. When you drink you don’t get those options. I think weed offers a much safer opportunity at fun since you suppose exactly what is going into your body.

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