We commonly get recreational cannabis for cheap

My buddies plus I buy all of our recreational marijuana products from a dispensary by the airport… The cannabis dispensary has excellent prices plus a wonderful selection of products.

They are open many afternoons a week from day until midnight.

They always have something on sale while in the week. One day it might be edibles plus the following day the sale might include all of the live resin concentrate products. They advertise all of the sales plus specials online, so you actually know what is happening before you go to the dispensary. Sale prices are also available for all online orders, however even deliveries qualify for the sale prices… I once ordered from a marijuana dispensary plus I got all items off the clearance menu. I ordered for delivery plus I was informed that I could not get any of the clearance items for same day delivery. I was genuinely upset, because I ordered a lot of stuff from the place plus they would not make an exception for me. Some of the items that I got on clearance were cannabis concentrates. I commonly pay $25 for the cannabis concentrates in the clearance box, however the items were half price. There was no way that I was going to say no to the deal even after I found out that I did not qualify for delivery services. I went to the store to grab all of my items! While I was in the store, I gave the supervisor a piece of my mind regarding their delivery rules plus regulations.

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