We do very well with the pot growing business

I easily am the second generation of pot farmers in my family tree… My family members have been growing weed in the foothills for quite a few years, in addition to it is a mantle I am thankful to carry! Every one of us have some traditions unique to our family, in addition to because of that the people I was with and I have a special crop that others can’t seem to replicate.

Every one of us have never tried to invest too much into the operation, never gotten greedy, in addition to always would only grow enough to pay the bills in addition to support the family! The amazing thing about this operation is that since the people I was with and I never increase the actual size of our marijuana crops, the people I was with and I never have a major amount to sell to the people. This means that as word of our amazing cannabis has spread, demand has increased while production roughly remains the same. Every year our brand of cannabis becomes more popular with our clients, in addition to people are wishing to pay more for exclusivity, so our profits tend to increase every year even though our yield does not. The sales price for our cannabis has increased a pretty huge amount over the last decade, bringing in far more money than what we were making back then. Of course these profits aren’t merely for me, the cannabis grow was a family operation since the start, in addition to all profits are divided for all the family members. My youngsters are still under the age, so there will basically be a ways to go before I can pass the family cannabis business down to them. At the rate our profits are increasing, this strain of cannabis will allow them to be covered for life.


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