We lost our only medical cannabis dispensary

I live in a small neighborhood way down south, one of the towns that got smashed to pieces by that last hurricane! For all the damage we took in this area, I am lucky to say that our lake house wasn’t harmed undoubtedly much.

I lost power for a few days, which was inconvenient, however compared to a lot of other people I got off self-explanatory.

It took a few days before I heard the poor news. Although our lake house was fine, a lot of local companies plus homes were completely destroyed with wind plus flood disfigure, however one of those companies was the local medical cannabis dispensary, which is the only one in the area. This may not sound enjoy a big deal to you, however that store was the only place I could legally buy medical cannabis around here. I don’t own a car, so I can’t drive to another neighborhood plus use their medical cannabis dispensary. With nothing else to do with our time I decided to walk across the ruins of neighborhood to the spot of the medical cannabis shop plus see what was left of it. Much to our surprise the medical cannabis shop looked to be mostly intact, except that it was a few blocks away from where it used to be. The high flood water had snatched the building off the foundation plus sent it floating down the street, leaving a trail of soggy medical cannabis in its wake. I spent all day hunting around for lost packages of medical cannabis, however found nothing I could smoke!


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