We spent the afternoon fishing and talking about the good things in life

My good pals and I go fishing every Thursday afternoon.

I bought a kayak a couple of months back and I added some absolutely fantastic fishing gear to the sides.

I have a good amount of space for my tackle box and a couple of poles on top of that. When I get out on the river I have a great deal of room to fish and I still have everything that I require right at my disposal. My good pals couldn’t go fishing with me last Thursday so I asked my sibling-in-law if he was interested in joining me. My sibling was absolutely delighted when I called to see if he had the desire to go fishing. My sibling has been bugging me to ask him to go with my good pals and I for a while, however I have not invited the guy for certain reasons… He is not like me one bit. The guy prefers video games, talking about iPads, and electronics. I don’t know anything at all about those things because I spend a good portion of my time outside. I absolutely didn’t suppose that my buddy and I would have much in common. I definitely didn’t suppose that my sibling-in-law was into smoking marijuana at all. The afternoon that my buddy and I made the choice to go fishing, I decided to smoke in my truck before my buddy and I arrived. My truck must have stinked like marijuana because my sibling-in-law mentioned something about the stink of reefer in the truck. I asked the guy if he smoked and he said yes, however not to tell my sibling. We spent the rest of the afternoon simply fishing, talking about life, and getting severely high on recreational marijuana.

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