Weed makes me feel really hungry and munchable

My friends and I grew up in a farming community in a rural area and we did not begin to have drug exposure like some people in the big cities would have seen.

There were kids that easily drink beer and then there were teenagers that drink alcohol but the two of us did not cast much about marijuana until the two of us decided to go to school.

The two of us were talked into smoking marijuana with a couple of friends one time. I certainly loved the way that I felt when I got high. One thing that I don’t regularly love is getting the munchies. I smoke a lot of weed and that means that it is necessary for all of us to have plenty of food in our home. The two of us have lots of things that we can eat quickly and there are unusual sorts of foods. Everyone of us even bought alcohol as well as some beers but I was more interested in smoking weed. I regularly wanted there to be food for everyone so I got chips as well as guacamole and made sure that there were plenty of food items to go around. Later on during that evening when everyone of us were smashed with food cravings, there were plenty of snacks to eat and everything tasted just as good as we could have expected. It seems like the party was more than what I was thinking it was going to be when we made the advertisements.



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