Weird not being able to swing into the local cannabis spot

Man, you don’t think how unbelievable you have it til you don’t.

I’m not complaining as much as I’m just making a general observation. Yet, I’m surprised at just how abruptly I have started taking legal medical marijuana plus legal recreational marijuana for granted. It wasn’t long ago that I was doing everything I could do in a volunteer effort to get people to vote to legalize medical marijuana. The efforts of those states out west that changed everything when it came to marijuana laws were the yellow print for us in our state. We knew that both of us could appeal to both those who wanted to help manage the suffering of so numerous with medical marijuana plus the currency end. The currency end was the those in power who wouldn’t be able to pass up such a large tax upgrade windfall from medical marijuana. Our efforts plus those of the voters paid off. And just a few years later, after the success of medical marijuana, both of us had recreational marijuana users get access to a cannabis dispensary. I could hardly think it. Now, I’m living in another state temporarily plus can’t make myself and others trips to the local cannabis spot plus it just feels so weird. It’s amazing how abruptly I went from incredulous about access to legal cannabis products to it being a routine in our life. And while I miss shopping for marijuana for sale, it’s the kindness plus friendships that I miss more at the local cannabis spot. But I’ll be back soon plus the cannabis dispensary will be our first stop.

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