What kind of SEO can you use for cannabis business?

I really enjoyed working with my website designer.

He helped me to get social media ads where they should be.

He told me he was going to place SEO wherever he could. It would not just be on my website, but in the ads he was placing on social media. He wanted good SEO in place, so that when someone did a web search for cannabis businesses near me, my website would come up in the top five. My web designer told me how important it was to have a good SEO if I wanted to get traffic to my website. SEO was also important if I wanted anyone to see my ads on social media. I did not know what all he was doing, but I knew that when he was done, I would begin getting customers to my websites. With so many online cannabis dispensaries, I had to make sure my website and my ads were totally visible. It was the SEO that gave them visibility. SEO, search engine optimization, was the building blocks for an online company. Before my website went live, the social media ads were in place, and the SEO was plentiful. The web designer told me that if I didn’t have at least 10 hits in the first 10 days, I should notify him. He said that he would know he was doing something wrong, and he could correct it. It didn’t take long to realize that having an online cannabis business was going to be hard work. Keeping up the website, and social media ads, would’ve been a full-time job for me, but for the website designer, it was just another day.



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