What should we do with this cannabis?

I live just an hour’s drive from the Gulf of Mexico, which is one of the greatest places in the world to go fishing.

My son-in-law Mike will often come out with me.

We get up before dawn so that we can be out on the open water ready to fish by first light. We head back in by noon, before the brutal heat of the afternoon sun can wear us out. A few weeks ago we were heading back into the docks when our boat bumped up against something. Much to my shock and surprise, it was a huge bale of cannabis. The way it was tightly wrapped up in a waterproof lining indicated that this cannabis was being smuggled into the country, and must have fallen overboard somehow. I wanted to keep going, but before I could stop him Mike grabbed the gaff and pulled the cannabis on board. He said there must have been a hundred pounds of it, and this bale of cannabis had a street value of tens of thousands of dollars! Mike had a lot more experience with cannabis than I did, and he had some big plans for this weed. He told me that the cannabis belonged to both of us, and he would split any profits from it with me 50-50. I was just nervous about having possession of this much marijuana, because if the cops caught us we would seem like weed smugglers. I’m not a cannabis dealer, I’m just a normal dude! On the other hand, can I really walk away from tens of thousands of dollars?



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