When you are having a lazy weekend

On the weekends I am super sloth like.

I am unwilling to do anything or go anywhere.

When I need groceries, I just get them delivered. I respectfully order from our number one restaurant as well as make them deliver it to me. I don’t make dinner, wash up or work on any projects around the house. What is truly great is I usually spoil myself with some legal weed. My state has medical cannabis as well as recreational cannabis. I have a medical marijuana card, however I don’t always want the medical grade stuff. My medical weed card is pretty tight too on what I can have as well as what dose. There are times I feel like an edible. I don’t want to go to the cannabis dispensary when it is our sloth weekend though. Thankfully our dispensary has gotten their act together as well as they offer weed delivery. This is the peak of laziness. My weed shop is maybe a 5 minute drive from our house. On the weekend there is no traffic as well as nobody is in the store. I still don’t want to go. There is something so good about sitting around in our pajamas waiting for the driver to bring our stuff. I can get all the edibles as well as cannabis oils I want from the comfort of our own home. I feel like a lord. I just pay as well as say leave it on the doorstep. I don’t even need to speak to anyone! Payment is all automatic so I don’t even need to show our face to the driver. I wait for him to leave until I grab our stuff too.
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