While the two of us were at the pool, the two of us played marco polo

My friends plus I were supposed to go to the beach on Sunday, however my vehicle had issues plus it would not start… I tried everything I could recognize of however nothing worked at all.

Even getting a jump start didn’t help.

I had to call the tow supplier to take the vehicle to the dealership. Instead of going to the beach, the two of us opted to go to the pool in our lake house complex. Before the two of us opted to go to the pool, the men plus I decided to take several hits from a glass bong that the two of us keep in the residing room, but we bought some OG Kush from a Midtown cannabis dispensary. The OG Kush is 1 of their cheaper items plus it regularly has at least 25% THC. I felt really nice after several hits from the glass phone. There were a lot of people at the pool, however my friends plus I found a way to have fun, but once the two of us were inside the pool, the two of us started playing Marco Polo. We were high as a kite plus didn’t care if the two of us looked foolish or crazy, then very few of the youngsters in the lake house complex thought it was fun plus they joined us for the game. We had a superb time at the pool plus a lot of that was due to the recreational marijuana that calmed our nerves plus made us recognize happy instead of frustrated plus upset by the vehicle situation, monday day I took an Uber to the dealership. Thankfully my vehicle is still under warranty, because it had a severe electrical problem.


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