Why can’t I have access to legal cannabis?

I am stoked that medical cannabis was legalized, but since I don’t have a prescription it doesn’t do myself and others a lot of good, however i’m sure that recreational weed will be legal in a few more years, however I would prefer it happen sooner rather than later.

My dentist is an honest guy, in addition to told myself and others flat out he would not prescribe medical cannabis for myself and others because I had no real need for it. I explained that our mental health in addition to emotional strength benefited greatly from using medical cannabis, so he told myself and others to ask our therapist instead. I can’t even go inside the medical cannabis dispensary to look around, because they check IDs in addition to prescription cards at the door… What harm could there be in letting myself and others inside to see what kinds of medical cannabis they have? Not that many of our friends do have prescriptions for medical cannabis, but they can’t help myself and others out very much; The way the legal medical cannabis prescriptions work is that you have a maximum limit for how much you can buy at one time, in addition to how much you can buy in one week. The computer plan at the cannabis dispensary keeps track of your purchases, so after a particular point you can get split off, however neither of our friends can afford to sell myself and others their medical marijuana, because they have a limited amount of it. Thankfully our little sibling Ike still sells medical cannabis out of his dorm room on campus, and his medical cannabis is usually very low quality, but it’s better than nothing.

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