Why visit the marijuana dispensary when I can order online?

I could not understand why I had to go to the marijuana dispensary when I could order online, however when I read everything about the marijuana dispensary, their website kept coming up with a box asking if I wanted to put in an order. I called the marijuana dispensary and asked if I could order online? She said multiple people put their order in online, and they signed up for a time to choice the order up. I thought I could put the order in and have it delivered. She chuckled and told me they didn’t have people to do deliveries… Unless I lived with half a mile of the marijuana dispensary, getting delivery wasn’t available. We were a small community, but my associate and I were widespread. I didn’t drive, and I had to find someone to take me to the marijuana dispensary. I didn’t want anyone to know I used marijuana products. I really wished I lived in neighborhood right now. I was going to need to make iPhone calls to family members and beg them for a ride. The first person I called, was my sister. She was the only one who knew about my medical marijuana. I told her I wanted to put in an online order to marijuana dispensary, but before I could ask, she provided to choice it up for me on her way home from work. She asked if I wanted her to bring supper home with her. I did an online order to one of the local restaurants my associate and I often went. She stopped at the cannabis dispensary first and then picked up supper. We had a fantastic time sharing memories and eating supper together.

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