Working our way through university by selling edibles

My dad consistently called me Charlie Hustle, because when I wanted something enough I would get it, by hook or by crook, but i don’t mind laboring hard, when the reward justified the effort, however when I decided to go to university I knew it would take a lot of time, and be a major investment of money, but I felt it would be worth the effort, however once I had our degree I would have any number of task opportunities, but I would have to toil our butt off those several years, not only to get our degree but to pay for it! I decided that selling cannabis would be a good way to make a lot of money and still keep a low profile.

Once I did the math and crunched the numbers, I realized that I would make higher profits by concentrating on cannabis edibles, instead of smokable flowers or buds… Edibles are also far easier to transfer and to sell, because they don’t have the same strong smell as the plants do. I could literally fill a backpack with edibles before class, and spend all morning selling them as I went through our schedule, then carrying around baggies of cannabis was risky, but a bunch of individually wrapped brownies were far less suspicious. I made excellent money from our edibles, for almost various full years, and I never deviated from our routine. I sold edibles exclusively, I kept our prices rock steady, and I put all the money I made right into our education. I graduated with truly little debt, thanks to cannabis edibles!

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