Would rather smoke than booze with friends

When you get together with friends it is a known fact you are going to drink.

My group of friends loves to hang out at someone’s house all day and pound booze.

They were either drinking wine or hard liquor. I have found through experimentation that I don’t really like alcohol. I can tolerate certain things like vodka or champagne. I don’t really enjoy them though. I would much rather have a smoothie or just plain water. When you are with friends it is weird not to booze though. I am trying to switch my friends over to cannabis instead. We live in a state with recreational weed. We also are close enough to a cannabis dispensary that ordering cannabis delivery would be hardy. Can you imagine how convenient that would be? If you run out of stuff you just make a call and have it delivered to your doorstep like a king. The party doesn’t stop and nobody has to make the trip out to pick it up. It is as easy as ordering pizza. With cannabis I don’t get sick either. With booze I always get sloppy and fall down. I tend to get sick during and after the party too. The hangovers are the worst too. It doesn’t seem to matter if I guzzle water, I am going to be sick. With cannabis you feel high, happy and fun and then come down. The next day I am feeling totally fine. I don’t take in endless calories like I do drinking the mixers. I don’t need to pee in someone’s gross bathroom. I also have no fear of falling around drunk. It is better in my opinion.



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