You can't smoke weed in public around these parts

For many reasons, there are easily laws in this state that mean you can’t get drunk in public.

One of my friends was picked up by an officer when she was walking beach condo from a bar. She was sweating a great deal plus it was very difficult to continue standing up. When the cop saw the person, he decided to drive her back home. The police officer probably could have arrested my friend for public intoxication but he offered a stern warning. My friend told the officer about all of the laws of public intoxication so she would not make the same mistake again. The officer told my friend that it was easier to get an Uber when we are noticeably drunk and leaving the bar. It is easily not worth a police record when there are problems. Despite transparency in these laws, there are some exceptions to the rules. It really matters when it comes to the use of drugs in public. Just prefer you cannot have open liquor, you also cannot consume any marijuana if you are in the open. It’s not truly losing your medical marijuana card just to try to smoke in public. It is easily a best idea just to follow the rules, laws, and regulations that are put forth by the officers and people in the state. I would much rather wait until I am back at my beach condo instead of rescuing some type of fine. Everyone knows that you can’t smoke weed in public in the downtown area or anywhere else that is public space.

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