You're not supposed to smoke weed at work

After a long day of 12, everyone of us try to relax using cannabis products.

My task is stressful plus everyone of us are regularly using the iPhone to make calls and talk to sales people throughout the afternoon.

When I finish up with my shift, every one of us shut down our brain and then relax until we all fall asleep. Usually I have a couple of cocktails and maybe some premium cannabis joints. It could sound silly to some people however last weekend everyone of us thought about a work life that could be rewarding and also more fun. I don’t bring my cannabis products to the office but I have been getting stoned at work in the morning in the parking lot before clocking in. I also have some cannabis on my dinner break and the end of my 9-hour shift is finished in a quick amount of time. Of course this makes going to work a great deal more fun. It has unfortunately impacted sales in a bad way. The highly stressful task and cannabis makes me relax and very comfortable and I have a really hard time talking to someone on the phone that does not understand this. It is very hard to convince people that they should buy something when they are completely stoned and have a huge head that is filled with cannabis smoke. I really only prefer to use marijuana at night or in the evening or in the beginning while I am searching for a current task
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