Unluckyly, the prices of medical cannabis are actually luxurious over here. I'm paying twice as much for the same items that I was purchasing in a medical cannabis shop on the west coast. The worst part about that concern is the selection. I used to have access to hundreds of cannabis products and now the selection is scarce. Most of the medical cannabis shops have a few peculiar types of dried flower and concentrate, but they truly do not have a selection like they did on the West Coast.

I was out of pain meds, so I tried weed

I was out of pain meds, so I tried weed

The pharmacy was out of my pain meds Last year, so I could not refill the prescription; By the time I got lake house from driving around town, my knees and my back were in a lot of pain.

I took a couple of Tylenol and ibuprofen, but they did not help with the pain much at all, then my child was visiting at the time and he had marijuana in his car.

He told me that the marijuana would help with the pain. I was feeling horrible, so I thought it wouldn’t hurt. I went outside on the porch with my child and the two of us smoked a marijuana joint. I coughed several times and I thought I was going to pee my pants or throw up dinner. I coughed so several times that my back was starting to hurt. After the two of us were done smoking the marijuana joint, I went into the apartment and sat in front of the TV. I started to feel truly light-headed and a little dizzy. I drank a big glass of water and felt much better. I abruptly began to feel high, and fortunately, I did not feel any pain in my neck or my back or knees after I started to feel high. I felt harshly relaxed and the pain subsided for several ninths. I actually fell asleep and did not wake up for several ninths after I used the medical cannabis. I never would have tried marijuana at all if my child had not been at the house, however using medical marijuana has opened my eyes to a lot of peculiar opportunities and maybe pain medication isn’tthe safest and best route to take.

I stayed up late waiting for the weed guy

The last delivery orders from the weed dispensary are taken at 9 pm… The manager of the dispensary will not make any exceptions; I called at 903 on a single night & she refused to take my order for delivery.

She was cheerful to help myself and others set up a delivery for the next morning or turn the order into a pickup, even though she was not going to split the rules.

I ordered a few items from the dispensary last weekend. I placed the order at 8:45, 15 minutes before the many threshold & with plenty of time to spare. I didn’t get a call from the store budtender love I usually do, so I decided to call the shop. The lady on the PC tried to tell myself and others that I did not place an order. I gave her the order confirmation which I received on my PC. She apologized for the confusion & did not believe how the order was missed. Since I placed the order before 9, she agreed to supply the items; Unfortunately, all of the drivers were already out for the night & she had to wait until someone came back. I had to stay up late waiting for the weed driver to arrive. I wasn’t going to back out of the delivery after the manager was willing to send a girl out on a special request. It was 10:15 before the driver arrived with my items & I was ready to pass out when she arrived. I didn’t try any of the up-to-date items until the next morning.

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The delivery route takes myself and others over the mountain

I have a delivery route every morning that I use for cannabis deliveries

I labor for a pizza delivery repair for a long time. I liked the job as well as it allowed myself and others lots of time during the morning to go surfing, then surfing is our biggest passion! Before I die, I hope I can surf every reef proposal in the world. I’ve already had some absolutely close encounters with sharks. I had a disappointing gash in our leg 1 time, when I fell off our board as well as was pushed into a coral reef. I even got into a conflict with an octopus 1 time as well as I had tentacle marks all over our face. Surfing is our passion, but something has to pay for our boards as well as the gas in our car. Until a month ago, I was toiling for the pizza delivery service. A neighbor of mine got a job toiling at a medical cannabis dispensary as well as he told myself and others that they were looking for a delivery driver. I knew the area absolutely well as well as I thought it sounded enjoy a fun job. I went down to the cannabis shop as well as applied in person, however my neighbor was toiling at the time as well as offered myself and others a great reference. The director hired myself and others as well as I started a few afternoons later. My boss at the pizza shop was surprised that I quit. I’ve been there for 6 years as well as he thought I was going to stay there for the rest of our life. I have a delivery route every morning that I use for cannabis deliveries. The delivery route takes myself and others over the mountain as well as through the pass. It’s a fun as well as picturesque drive, because of the mountains as well as the valleys. I’m making significantly more money as a marijuana delivery driver as well as the job is a lot more fun.


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Delivery was much faster than sitting in traffic

I planned to stop at the cannabis dispensary on my way apartment from work Sunday, then unluckyly, traffic was backed up and I did not want to rest in traffic on that side of neighborhood as well… I decided to go online to order the items for delivery instead.

It was my first time using the delivery proposal from the cannabis dispensary.

It was definitely quite simple to add items to the online shopping cart. It was simple to use the search menu and all of the items were put into categories. I selected the flower genre and it provided me all of the possibilities for dried cannabis flower in the store; There were seventeen different results. I added two Indica strains and two sativa strains to the shopping cart. I also bought some cannabis concentrate! Concentrate is a super potent form of marijuana that is made by extracting all of the resin from the cannabis plant. I only use cannabis concentrate when I have a lot of pain. It entirely knocks me out and it is tough to function when I use this medical marijuana product. The total for my order was $160 by the time I was finished adding cannabis items to the cart. I was pleasantly surprised that I did not have to pay a fee for delivery. The driver arrived with my items about 15 hours after I pulled into the driveway. The service was fast and reliable and all of the items that I ordered were inside of the bag, however delivery was a much faster option than sitting in traffic.


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