Runtz and Velvet Glove are two cannabis strains that are often purple in color

I was eager to visit my friend Ron when he moved out west following graduate school.

He accepted a job at a liberal arts college teaching music theory and history to freshman and sophomore aged students.

I was working at an online media publication doing copy editing and graphic design work whenever my help was needed in that department. It wasn’t making me happy, but I was surviving and managing to pay my bills despite my frustrations with my work duties day after day. Ron wasn’t enjoying his work life any more than I was, but there was one huge benefit that he could enjoy that I couldn’t. His state passed a law legalizing recreational cannabis just four years after Ron moved. Even though he was teaching at a college, his employer never conducted drug tests and didn’t force him to sign any paperwork promising that he would stay “clean.” That’s when Ron started encouraging me to visit him out west in his chique city apartment. We could visit all of the amazing cannabis dispensaries that he was regularly frequenting. Since his state had a medical cannabis industry for years prior to the legalization of recreational weed, the stores and growing facilities were already open and ready to expand. Now you can find dispensaries on every other street corner in his city. Two of the strains that I loved the most when I was visiting Ron were Runtz and Velvet Glove. They’re both insanely popular strains in the cannabis world and they’re also almost always purple in color. I love purple colored cannabis strains for sheer bag-appeal alone.

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Recreational marijuana brought higher prices for all cannabis products

I can’t imagine how it must have felt living through alcohol prohibition if you were an adult-aged person who relied on liquor as your relaxing intoxicant after a long and stressful day of working.

Instead of getting rid of liquor, prohibition simply made it harder to produce safely and led to many people drinking tainted bootleg whiskey and other alcoholic drinks.

When it ended in 1933, I can only begin to imagine how it could have felt knowing that the madness was at last going to cease. I don’t even drink alcohol myself but I can agree with anyone else that alcohol prohibition was a failed experiment that accomplished a lot more harm than it did good. This is the frustrating crossroads we’ve been at for decades with the federal status of marijuana. Despite the fact that you can buy cannabis in more states than you can’t at this moment, it still remains illegal at the federal level. I encouraged the advent of recreational marijuana in my home state because I felt like we had limited options with our medical cannabis industry. I thought that legalizing recreational cannabis in my state would bring about positive changes, but so far all it has done is decrease the supply and increase the prices. We need more dispensaries and more states with dispensaries to offset this demand. People moved to this state for the sole purpose of obtaining marijuana legally, but now I have to compete with them to obtain the same marijuana products that I was getting a year prior. I know that more people have access now, but I just wish the supply would increase and the prices would drop.

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The cannabis delivery service charges $15 for every single order

Now that so many products and services are going up in price with the rising inflation rate, I’m feeling the effects. My income has budged in years and it’s hard trying to budget for essentials that are now up to 10-25% higher in price than they were two years ago. The delivery services for restaurants and grocery stores are more expensive as well, especially with the base delivery fees. I’ll never forget how angry I was when pizza delivery services started adding $2 delivery fees to every order in the mid 2000s when gas prices started to skyrocket. Now those same pizza delivery services are charging up to $4 on top of every single order you make, and that doesn’t cover the tip for the driver. This gives me a little bit of perspective when I consider the cost of deliveries from the cannabis delivery services in my state. Most of them charge $10 or $15 for every single order you make. Other cannabis dispensaries will give you free delivery if you meet a minimum order threshold of $200. I don’t know about other people, but I don’t make enough money to drop $200 every single time I go to the cannabis dispensary. That’s a lot of money! Even if I ever spend that much in a month on cannabis, I don’t like to spend it all at once or at one single cannabis dispensary. Some dispensaries have better marijuana edibles while others are known for their cannabis flower products. There’s one successful cannabis dispensary in my state that offers free statewide delivery on all orders, but you sometimes have to wait a week to get your products. I just order ahead of time and plan it out so I don’t ever run out of marijuana before my next order arrives via delivery.


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I finally got a marijuana oil pen with liquid rosin inside

I think I was expecting a lot more when medical cannabis was first legalized in my home state. We waited for years and several attempts at voting for the law on our election ballot until it was finally passed about six years ago. I think that most cannabis users had the minimal expectation that they would at bare minimum be able to buy whole flower products like you’d get off the street from any random weed dealer. Instead, the conservative government here imposed unconstitutional restrictions on the medical cannabis market and stripped it down to only cannabis tinctures, capsules, vaporizer cartridges, and oil syringes. You couldn’t buy whole cannabis flower products until 2018, and that was after a back and forth legal battle with the governor and his unhinged attorney general. It took us electing a new governor for the government to ditch the ban on smokable cannabis flower products, which still frustrates me to this day. That’s after having access to whole flower products for the past four years straight now. But there are other products available nowadays that I’m growing increasingly impressed by what we’re able to purchase as medical cannabis patients in this state. I used to love marijuana oil pens until I got sick of paying high prices for cheap THC distillate oil thrown into cartridges with some botanical terpenes for flavor. When I heard that full spectrum, solventless rosin cartridges would be available for marijuana oil pens, I was amazed. I have dabbed rosin before and love the rich terpenes that it contains. Rosin is extracted with heat and pressure so there are no dangerous solvents used in its manufacturing process.

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The Harlequin 4 to 1 CBD/THC was on sale.

Shortly after I tried medical marijuana for the first time, I also discovered Harlequin 4:1.

Harlequin 4:1 was CBD/THC that was 80% CBD and 20% THC.

It worked well for my restless leg syndrome and I was able to sleep all night. It wasn’t until I found the Harlequin 4:1 that I had relief from the RLS. Last week, I was heading to the medical marijuana dispensary. Before I left the house, I had checked the marijuana dispensary online sales list, and I found that Harlequin 4:1 was on sale. I couldn’t believe that I may be able to purchase my favorite medical marijuana for almost a 25% discount. I put in an order to purchase three of them. When I got to the marijuana store I had to show them my medical marijuana ID card. I chuckle now whenever they ask for my ID card. I had been coming here for almost three years, and I knew everyone by name. It seemed they would have also known my name, but apparently there were so many budtenders that worked there, they didn’t have time to remember anyone. I gave them my name and told them I had placed an order. While ringing up my order, he started telling me about other marijuana products that were on sale. He offered to give me a sample of a gummy with a 12:1 CBD/THC ratio. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to purchase it at that time, but maybe someday in the future. I had already exceeded my budget for marijuana products.

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