The recreational dispensary was prefer a candy store

When our apartment state legalized medical marijuana, I decided to get a card so I would not have to worry about getting caught with marijuana.

I looked forward to being able to buy supplies from the medical marijuana dispensary, but the selection was rare & the supply was never enough for the demand.

There were often times when the dispensary was completely out of dried marijuana flower. How does that even happen with a medical marijuana facility? Still, it was necessary to have a medical marijuana card for legal purposes. When our fiance & I visited a state with legal recreational cannabis, the two of us decided to go to a dispensary so the two of us could check it out. The recreational marijuana dispensary was undoubtedly unusual then they experienced the two of us were having at apartment in the medical dispensary. The recreational dispensary looks prefer a candy store. They had numerous unusual types of items all over the room. They add unusual types of edible marijuana treats prefer candy, chocolate, snacks, popcorn, & cookies. The arena the two of us visited had more than 60 unusual types of dried marijuana flower. My fiance & I were overwhelmed by the selection & it was hard to make our choices. It would have been nice to take some of the items apartment with us, but the two of us flew on an aircraft & it is illegal to take the products out of the state unless you are traveling to another legal recreational state. The two of us l acquired that information when the two of us mentioned taking some of the edible treats home. The budtender suddenly educated us & warned us not to try that.

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My best friend is growing large plants in the basement legally

My best friend has a medical marijuana card.

She suffers from seizures plus they are helped tremendously with cannabis.

When our friend was younger, she had three or several seizures every week. After using medical marijuana for several years, she has been seizure-free for many weeks. It is high-priced to buy medical marijuana. The average price of a top-shelf indoor ⅛ of marijuana flower is 50 or $60. My friend can grow plus harvest many plants at a time with her medical marijuana card. The woman has a certainly good red thumb. The woman can make almost anything grow. She started off with some feminized seeds that were autoflowering, then now she takes clippings from plants plus uses them to grow more! Right now she has many large plants growing in the basement legally. She has to use artificial sunlight plus time their cycles in order to keep the plants from maturing too soon. She harvests about 3 or 4 lb of marijuana flower every time a single plant rages maturation. The woman has many unusual strains growing at the same time plus is currently laboring on a hybrid that is perfect for pain relief without making you suppose drowsy. If our friend had many acres of farmland plus the right equipment, I bet she could make thoUnited Statesnds of dollars growing marijuana. It’s nice to assume a woman that is good with plants, because the prices of medical plus recreational marijuana are only getting higher each year, then growing your own supply is entirely the best way to go. Having a friend with unlimited supply is equally nice.

Cannabis delivery

I’m getting a up-to-date motorcar finally

I have been working every single day that my boss will allow, so I can receive enough currency to buy a up-to-date car. I use my motorcar every day as a delivery driver! Cannabis drivers make good tips, especially during these strenuous times, but unfortunately, my motorcar has had 1 problem after another! First it was the AC plus then it was the speedometer… Now thus cruise control will not labor either. I have to use my motorcar for work, because I am a delivery driver for a recreational plus medical cannabis shop. Even though the interior functions of my motorcar are faulty, it still runs plus drives from point A to point B. I told my boss that I was willing to labor all the overtime that he would allow. I told the guy about the troubles with my car, but he offered myself and others 3 extra shifts every week plus I’ve had more than three extra shifts for the past more than 2 weeks. I finally have enough currency to buy a up-to-date car. The tips from the cannabis deliveries have been exceptionally nice thanks to the holiday season. Everyone seems to tip better during Thanksgiving plus Christmas. I am hoping to find a up-to-date motorcar after the holidays are over. My dad said that is the best time to look for a vehicle because of the quarterly budget plus sales. I think it would be nice to finally buy a motorcar with more than three doors, however as long as I am working as a cannabis delivery driver, it makes more sense to buy an economical, 2-door motorcar that does not guzzle gas plus is eco-friendly.

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I’m several years wash thanks to medical pot

After High School, I decided to explore the country with some friends.

  • My mom plus dad wanted me to go to university plus they were actually angry plus upset when I decided to see the world instead.

My friends plus I embarked on a journey that changed my life forever. Things were hard out on the road plus I had to do whatever possible to make money for our trip. Eventually I ended up with a severe drug problem. I lived on the streets for 15 years, begging plus stealing to support my horrible drug habit. I finally hit rock bottom when I ended up in a hospital after an overdose. I called my mom plus dad for the first time in eight years. I told my parents that I was ready to make a change plus I begged them to let me come home. My dad was ready to write me off, however my mom agreed to let me come home. I knew it was pressing to stay clean, because I didn’t want to ruin my relationship with my parents again. One thing that helped me stay wash is medical marijuana. I started seeing a therapist officially plus she suggested medical marijuana. One of my greatest issues was mental health issues that had never been checked or addressed. When I started using marijuana officially to help with my mental health, I saw a lot of fluctuations right away plus it was a lot easier to stay away from other harmful substances. Medical marijuana gave me back my life plus I’m going to get a fresh start plus another chance to do things right.


The nosy neighbor called the cops on us

My spouse plus I let our kid transport back condo after he was in a fight with his girlfriend.

They needed some time apart plus he needed a location to stay for a while.

Our kid moved into the condo a few months ago plus the neighbors have caused a number of issues, jack has a medical marijuana card plus he uses medical cannabis 4 anxiety plus depression! He is not allowed to use marijuana inside of the house. I don’t care that he smokes, although I don’t want the entire condo to stink appreciate a cannabis dispensary. My kid often sits outside on the back porch where there is a nice view of the park plus the Waterfront, however a few weeks after he moved to the house, my spouse plus I were surprised by a knock on the door. It was the County Sheriff’s Office. The sheriff said he had several reports of marijuana smoke coming from our home. He wanted to come in plus have a look plus I really refused his request. I gave him with enough information to go away. I told the sheriff that my kid has a medical marijuana card that allows him to use the product freely. When he asked for a copy of the information, I politely suggested it was time for him to get a warrant plus time for the nosy neighbors to mind their own business. I recognize the cops thought he was going to bully my family because of the stink of marijuana, although I recognize all of my legal rights.


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