The cannabis dispensary problem was not very severe

Many of us had concerns about medical marijuana and many of us are very old in addition to from a time and a small place where the law in addition to preacher and cops always said that marijuana was a gateway drug that was evil.

Marijuana is genuinely legal for many people who genuinely need it for medically necessary reasons. This was something that the people I was with in addition to myself had a hard time showing to someone else. The people in addition to myself promised to take my aunt to the dispensary so she could see what type of medical cannabis might be able to enhance her life quality. She really needed to be convinced and my friend in addition to myself were then greeted by a person that happened to be the assistant manager of the Cannabis shop. During the next 45 minutes, the manager spent most of the time conversing with my aunts while answering each and everyone of the questions she had about marijuana. It was easily much better than great customer service. The manager was doing her diligence to make sure that my aunt had every answer to every question. My aunt bought many of the different medical marijuana products in addition to wanted to test them in addition to see which ones would work out best. Later during the evening, the people I was with in addition to myself went back to the dispensary to thank that person and let her know that I was happy with the service I received.

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